2016 Posters

Please see below for online poster books, featuring copies of the posters presented at the 2016 Congress. The poster books are accessible as a PDF, please select the ‘PDF’ link.

ARV-based Prevention PDF
Mother-to-child Transmission P001–P009
Pep/PrEP P010–P017
Treatment as Prevention (TasP) P018–P020

Treatment Strategies PDF
New Treatments and Targets P021–P029

Treatment Strategies Target Populations PDF
Adolescents and Children P031–P034
Women P035–P039
Late Presenters P040–P042
Naïve Patients P043–P049
Primary Infection P050–P053
Experienced Patients P054–P060
IDUs P061–P065

Treatment Strategies PDF
Adherence P066–P076
Cure P077–P079
Simplification P080–P092

Treatment Strategies PDF
Switch Studies P093–P113

Treatment Strategies PDF
Other P114–P141

Opportunistic Infections PDF
Tuberculosis P142–P149
Others P150–P152

Co-morbidities and Complications of Disease and/or Treatment PDF
Ageing P153–P168
Bone P169–P173
Cardiovascular P174–P188

Co-morbidities and Complications of Disease and/or Treatment – Malignancies PDF
AIDS-defining P189–P191
Non-AIDS-defining P192–P199
Metabolic P200–P207
Neurological P208–P217
Renal P218–P227
Other P228–P247

Viral Hepatitis P248–P300 PDF Book 1 / PDF_Book 2

Clinical Pharmacology P301–P319 PDF

Community Initiatives P320–P324 PDF

Models of Care PDF
Cost-effectiveness P327–P331
Evaluation of ARV Delivery and Coverage P332–P339

Late Presenters P340–P344 PDF

Virology and Immunology PDF
Biomarkers/Tropism P345–P351
Resistance P352–P370
Other P371–P374